Mosquito Tigre, Dejame en Paz!

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There are these mosquitoes here -called mosquito tigre (tiger mosquitoes)--and they are eating me alive.  Though I've never seen one, I hear they're huge and they can bite you through your jeans.  It must be true because I have extremely itchy welts the size of golf balls all over my body. *make sure you bring hydrocortisone and bug repellent if you come to Spain.

Yesterday Kylee and I FINALLY began running participants...

After working 9am-8pm days fixing our experiments and technical difficulties we were able to run 4 participants pretty smoothly; and today we have 5 more booked!  The participants really enjoy taking part in our study (and getting paid for the two long hours which they're not used to), and we even made a few friends.  Rosa has been a huge help as usual -working long hours with us to make sure everything got done.  She even helped us find 30 willing PHD students to participate on top of the 30 we already have!  Roger, Cornelia, Mark and Marc have also been life-savers throughout our difficulties.

Last Friday we went to a seminar where we got to hear what experiments other faculty members are working on.   They were all very interesting and I can't wait to hear more.  Next Friday it's Kylee's and my turn to present our research proposals.  I'll let you know how it goes (and upload my PowerPoint)!

Kylee and I have gotten pretty used to our routine at the university.  Sometimes our friends/teaching assistant Roger or Cornelia gives us a ride to the university or we use our bus passes.  I think we are a little too confident though because the other day we took a different bus than usual and missed our stop.  At the very last stop the bus driver asked us why we never got off.  He laughed at us when we had no clue where we were and then told us where to get off. Woops. 

Besides doing experiments and attending seminars we and met a great group of people and enjoy spending time with them on weekends/going running with Mario the marathon runner.  Yesterday we went running to the lighthouse (without Mario because we can't keep up with him) and it was very beautiful (besides all the Iceland's volcanic ash fogging the air).  Really our new favorite friend is the bartender who owns the bar right next to our apartment.  *disclaimer: the bars here serve coffee in the morning!  He is muy amable and even serves us as one of his priority customers when we stop in for coffee. I guess that means Kylee and I must me cafĂ© con leche addicts now.

This weekend could go both ways.  If Barcelona beats Manchester United it will be an awesome weekend. So cross your fingers!

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How wonderful to hear that you are not just working hard, but also really getting to know your temporary home! Sounds like this is a wonderful experience all around so far. Will you be presenting your research in Spanish?

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