Phase Two

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I have finally finished running participants! It feels strange to be done such an important part of my study. I am now ready to move on to analyzing everything and I'm quite excited to see how it all turns out...
I started this morning with some preliminary getting data organized and completing some of the more tedious things. Everything is now set up so that I can move directly into SPSS and crunch data. Some of my struggles have come from the fact that I have never had real experience analyzing data before so I'm trying to understand E-Prime and Excel and SPSS and we go along. Luckily I have some really great sheets that explain exactly what I need to do and of course Google is always a good resource. There are very few people here who can help me when I have questions because the institute uses different programs and I have only found two other Americans who have experience with SPSS.

Although I have finished running all 28 of my participants, I still need to run one more participant for the intern I am collaborating with here. I'm excited to look at her norming results and design her experiment. This will hopefully give me a good idea of how to design and run an EEG study. The more quickly we can get her project going, the more I'll get to learn before I leave. 

I have found a really great study-abroad student group. Coming alone and living by myself has not been the easiest way to meet friends my own age in this city but luckily an intern I work with used to lead tours for a group designed for study abroad students. She linked me to them, making it much easier to meet lots of people my own age. This is really a great resource when traveling to a new city.

The institute here offers many great opportunities to learn more about other research going on. There are talks or symposiums almost every day from visiting professors or researchers. They span a wide variety of topics are always super interesting. I've learned a lot about the importance of art on the brain, what makes right-handed people different, and a great deal about motor neurons. My schedule is more flexible now that I don't have participants scheduled so I hope to take advantage of these talks more frequently.

Overall, a lot to still look forward to! 

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