The Final Stretch

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Well, time has certainly flown by and it's now 13 days until I leave Nijmegen. I've tested 25 participants so far with 15 more scheduled, and at least one person signs up every day. There were a couple days where I was a bit worried that I may have to take some extra steps to find participants but that won't be the case, fortunately.

I've been very much on my own here in the Netherlands, so the experiment really has been my baby of sorts. The results and the successes or failures contained within will be largely my responsibility, which makes me quite proud of it but also quite nervous! I'm excited to see how everything looks when I return, and to see what everyone else has been finding.

Later today I'm heading to Amsterdam to stay with some friends I made a couple years ago on my last trip through the city. It will be nice to see them again and to be in Amsterdam again. It's a very different place from Nijmegen, with all the great, good, bad and ugly that comes from being a major cosmo/metro-politan area.

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