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The CLS includes many graduate students from our member departments and programs:

Most of these students are funded through their home departments. Currently, the CLS offers two graduate assistantships to Language Science Scholars. 

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In addition, the Center will sponsor an annual student travel award in honor of our late colleague, Professor Adele Miccio, who loved to travel and cared deeply for students. The award has been established to support beneficial networking experiences for doctoral students. Additional information will be available during the beginning of fall semesters. For further inquiries, please contact Dr. Carol Miller (cam47@psu.edu, 865-6213).

The Center also provides opportunities for motivated undergraduate students to gain experience in a wide range of language research, either for course credit or for work-study. These opportunities vary from semester to semester, so students should contact faculty members and research groups for more information.

If you are interested in learning more about being a student (graduate or undergraduate) member of the CLS, please contact individual faculty or one of the academic departments

There are other units within Penn State that have missions and interests that may or may not overlap with the CLS.  You may wish to find out more about them.

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