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Frances Blanchette

Frances Blanchette

Assistant Director, Center for Language Science

Branch Coordinator, Bilingualism Matters @ Penn State

111 Moore Building
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 863-7392


Research Interests:

Natural language negation; linguistic variation; syntax; experimental linguistics; linguistics and education; language acquisition and bilingualism


I completed my undergraduate degree in Philosophy at Boston College, and my Masters degree in teaching at the University of San Francisco. I'm a certified bilingual teacher in California and New York, and I've worked as a dual-language Spanish-English teacher in San Francisco and Brooklyn, New York City. I completed my doctoral studies in Linguistics at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in 2015. My core research on English negation uses experimental data as well as data from the Audio-Aligned and Parsed Corpus of Appalachian English (Tortora et al., In Progress), a project on which I am a co-author.

As CLS Assistant Director I'm involved in numerous aspects of running the Center, including day to day operations. In my work with Bilingualism Matters at Penn State, I coordinate a variety of outreach activities and events with local schools and organizations, and help create resources and tools to translate research for general audiences.

Some recent work:

Blanchette, Frances. In press. Micro-syntactic variation in English Negative Concord. To appear in 2017 Glossa: A journal of general linguistics.

Blanchette, Frances. 2016. English Negative Concord and Double Negation: Applying the framework of Collins and Postal 2014. In NELS 46: Proceedings of the Forty-Sixth Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society: Volume 1, eds. Christopher Hammerly & Brandon Pickett, 107­–122. Amherst, MA: Graduate Linguistics Student Association (GLSA). 

Tortora, Christina, Beatrice Santorini, Frances Blanchette, & C.E.A. Diertani. To appear. The Audio-Aligned and Parsed Corpus of Appalachian English (AAPCAppE). http://csivc.csi.cuny.edu/aapcappe/

Blanchette, Frances. 2015. English Negative Concord, Negative Polarity, and Double Negation. PhD Dissertation, CUNY Graduate Center. http://ling.auf.net/lingbuzz/002654

Blanchette, Frances. 2015. Subject-object asymmetries in the acceptability of English sentences with two negatives. Proceedings of the Penn Linguistics Colloquium (PLC) 39.

Blanchette, Frances. 2013. Negative Concord in English. Linguistic Variation 13: 1–47.