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Lisa A. Reed

Lisa A. Reed

Professor of French and Linguistics



Research Interests:

Syntax, Semantics

Representative Publications:

Reed, L. On Visser’s Effects, Control, and Weak Implicit Agents. To appear in the Proceedings of the Forty-First Annual Penn Linguistics Conference 24.1, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Authier, M. and L. Reed, Symmetric Reciprocal Semantics as a Predictor of Partial Control. To appear in Linguistic Inquiry 49.2.

Reed, L. 2017. Against Control by Implicit Passive Agents. In F. Ordóñez and L. Repetti (eds.) Selected Proceedings of LSRL 46, 2017. John Benjamins Publishing, Amsterdam/Philadelphia.

Reed, L. 2016. Some Notes on DevoirFalloir, and the Theory of Control. In C. Tortora, M. den Dikken, I. Montoya, and T. O’Neill (eds.) Romance Linguistics 2013Selected Papers from the 43rd Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), 341-360, John Benjamins Publishing, Amsterdam/Philadelphia.

Reed, L. 2014. Strengthening the PRO Hypothesis. De Gruyter, Berlin, Germany.