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The Language and Cognition Laboratory at Penn State

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About Us

Our lab conducts research on the cognitive processes that support the acquisition and proficient use of a second language. Our research investigates how bilingual speakers manage to speak words in one language at a time, how adult learners of a second language acquire new vocabulary, and what information is available when proficient bilinguals read in one or both of their two languages.

Our lab's principal investigator is Dr. Judith Kroll.

For more information, feel free to explore our website or contact any of our lab members with questions.

Contact Us

The Language and Cognition lab is located in the basement of the Thomas Building (rooms 2L, 2X, 4A and 7).

Phone: 814-867-3033


The Language and Cognition Lab is part of the Penn State Psychology Department.

We are associated with The Center for Language Science (CLS).