The Purple Lab

Research Opportunities

Working in the Lab

At the beginning of each semester, we have openings for Independent study (Psychology 494 or Linguistics 496) and work study positions. Note that the only positions for pay are for undergraduates with work study awards.

If you are interested in applying, please notify one of our lab members. The best time to apply is after the end of the semester.


We are looking for a few enthusiastic undergraduates who would like to work in the lab with us on new projects.

Our lab conducts research on the cognitive processes that support the acquisition and proficient use of a second language. (for more information see our research page.) However, there is no requirement to speak a second language yourself. The only requirement is to be interested in gaining research skills and in being part of an interactive lab group.

We are associated with The Center for Language Science (CLS) and there are many opportunities for research for students that are interested in particular languages (e.g., Spanish, German, Chinese, American Sign Language), in particular research topics, and in learning to use a range of behavioral and neurocognitive methods. See the CLS website for additional information (department contact information, faculty members involved in CLS, etc.).

If you are interested in helping out, please contact one of our lab members.

Get in Touch

Our lab is located in Room 623 in the Moore Building.

Our phone number is 863-7392.

Please feel free to contact any of our lab members for more information.