The Purple Lab

Lab Facilities and Equipment


The Language and Cognition Lab space is located on the 6th floor of Moore Building.

  • Common Room (623 Moore)
    • Computer Workstations
    • Lab Manager's Office
    • Desks for Research Assistants
    • Meeting Table
  • Graduate Student Office (626 Moore)
  • Two Experimental Rooms

Being a member of the Center for Language Science, our lab has access to the facilities of the CLS located downstairs in Moore 003. These include two additional behavioral rooms as well as an Event Related Potential (ERP) lab.

Behavioral Stations

The Language and Cognition Lab has two experimental rooms dedicated to conducting behavioral research. Each room contains a computer station with a button box capable of recording reaction times for both button presses and voice key triggers. Additionally, digital audio recorders are present for experiments in which recorded trial logs can be of use. E-Prime is the software of choice in programming and running our experiments.

Typical behavioral experiments run by our researchers include lexical decision, word-naming, picture naming, and memory span tasks.

Event Related Potential lab

The Center for Language Science's ERP Lab houses a Neuroscan SynAmps2 EEG machine. This machine is used to measure the brain's electrical activity as timelocked to a series of events, typically, the presentation of visual stimuli such as words or pictures. By analyzing the brain waves, researchers can learn how these types of stimuli are processed.

These types experiments tend to be similar to the behavioral experiments run in our lab, except that in ERP experiments, brain waves are recorded.